About Us


Yealand Administration Limited – History

Yealand Administration was formed in 2008, initially to administer the OEIC funds of Sand Aire Limited. Sandaire is a multi family office which prides itself on the level of service provided to its clients and so it formed Yealand Administration – a fund administration house dedicated to delivering the quality of service such clients demand. Yealand Administration is solely owned by Sandaire’s parent Applerigg Limited.

In 2011 Yealand Administration offered its’ services to external clients and now administers a greater number of funds for external investment managers.

Our Philosophy

Yealand is dedicated to providing a high quality efficient and professional service to its clients. We offer a bespoke service tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. We are committed to ensuring that each new client take-on does not compromise service levels for existing clients.

Clients and their investors are at the forefront of our thinking. This philosophy manifests itself in two ways:

  • We never forget that commercial control of the funds we look after belongs to our clients. Therefore we take no unilateral decisions regarding the appointment of functionaries appointed to the schemes and will consult fully with clients on all matters affecting their funds.
  • Cost control. Every effort is made to ensure the external costs of running the funds are kept in check. Every pound saved is reflected in a OCF improvement to the benefit of the underlying investors. Our fee structures are flexible and are dependent on the requirements of the client and the type of fund.

Our Principles

We believe that regular meetings at Director level are an essential component of our interparty arrangements. Yealand does not have 'relationship managers' – all face to face contact is at senior level.

We also regard inclusiveness with respect to clients’ OEIC vehicles as important. We favour the reinstatement of Annual General Meetings; an important governance tool that was unilaterally dropped by most ACDs. Furthermore, clients are invited to become Board Members of their OEICs. In this formal manner, clients enjoy greater transparency and accountability.